A new bacterial species involved in tooth decay

Large study in children reveals Selenomonas sputigena as a key partner of Streptococcus in cavity formation

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Nanorobotic system presents new options for targeting fungal infections

A new way to precisely eradicate fungal infections in the mouth by using nanorobots guided by magnets

Microbes that cause cavities can form superorganisms able to ‘crawl’ and spread on teeth

Bacteria and fungi united with unusual strength and resilience

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Shapeshifting microrobots can brush and floss teeth

A hands-free system that automates the treatment and removal of tooth-decay-causing dental plaque

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Microrobots for precision  biofilm diagnostics and treatment

Paradigm-changing approach targets hard-to-reach anatomical spaces in an automated and tether-free manner

Polymicrobial aggregates in human saliva build oral biofilms

Natural consortia of microbes as "buds of growth" without orderly succession

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